Parents’ comments on Oral History and BMTC plays 2015

Dear Samta and the Head Start team,

Thank you so much for the wonderful performance put up yesterday. The entire experience of the presentations was fabulous, right from the approach, conceptualisation, script, performances, production values and the execution.

We as parents were extremely happy to see the calibre of theatre; it truly was professional. Also we would really like to let you know that seeing our child perform and his entire approach to theatre from when he initially started out, the resistance and reluctance metamorphosing to the sheer enjoyment and a sense of ownership that we witnessed last evening, has really given us a lot of joy.

We thank you all for not giving up on him and bringing out a talent that we never knew existed in our child.

For us, Head Start has always been all about nurturing and discovering one's hidden potential and when we see presentations like these it truly validates what the school stands for.

With much gratitude,
Appreciative Parents

Hi Samta and Team,

We attended the theatre performances yesterday and I just want to say that it exceeded all expectations.

What a lovely time we had. Kids laughed and loved it.

The BMTC bus was a masterpiece. Such a brilliant idea and perfectly executed.

It was a shame that more people did not attend. Theatre night should be made mandatory especially when so much hard work goes into it 😉 I think we were one of the few people who attended for the experience and not because our kids were participating.

I suggest going public with the BMTC production. More people need to see this brilliant work. Also it serves a higher social purpose that more people in Bangalore can benefit from.

Anyway, that's my two cents.

Good luck.
Kathleen de Saran

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