Wild World Within, Art Exhibition, December 22nd & 23rd 2022

The school has an under-construction auditorium which most staff and students did not know about due to its location in the basement of the Grade 11 & 12 Block. Before it is fully ready for theatre performances, we decided to warm this ‘Chamber of Secrets’ or ‘Dungeon’  as the space is now popularly known, with an art exhibition. Students from Grades 4-12 sent in entries, exhibited work made on walls, scrolls, through shadows, and joined in the spirit of celebrating art and expression. The following is a glimpse into this adventurous ‘Wild World Within’ exhibition at HSEA.

The art exhibits displayed are original creations by the children of HSEA. These images may not be uploaded, copied, circulated, linked to, or edited in any manner without express written permission of the artists.