About Us

Head Start Educational Academy was founded in 2005 by Riad Mahmood.

"At Head Start we believe that learning happens throughout our lives, in all situations and at all ages. Ideally this learning should be continuous, spontaneous and meaningful for every child, every learner. Life is the greatest teacher.

The feeling of wanting to go to a place that helps you do what you love to do; a place that is not driven by fear; an opportunity to enjoy a process that is not consumed by an outcome. If we try our best to provide young people a space like this, we at Head Start believe we are doing what we set out to do.

We focus on helping young learners to come together, to co-exist and collaborate in an environment and manage themselves. We believe that the ability to take a decision and stand by it is important. We try to provide different exposures and opportunities that help them evolve.

Am emphasis is laid on learning the basics of whatever we do – getting something right from the start helps in the learning of so many things later on.

Understanding why we learn what we learn is a key factor. Engaging learning sessions encourage students to want to know more. Building a relationship with the subject helps in understanding it. We endeavour to facilitate this thought as a way of life.”

- Riad Mahmood, Founder President Head Start Educational Academy


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