Overview > Safety

Our campus is secured by a fence, patrolling guards, and by security cameras. Classrooms are designed for safety with excellent visibility to their interiors through large glass windows. Our teachers and staff are safety aware. There is a professional nurse staffing an infirmary to attend to minor ailments and administer first-aid. Carefully thought-out procedures are in place and diligently executed to get children into and out of buses at school and at bus stops. All student buses have staff members travelling on them and there is regular tracking and maintenance of school vehicles. Our laboratories follow prescribed safety directives, including an open shower stall.

All visitors must make an entry in our visitor’s log, be given authorisation to enter our campus, and wear a visitor’s ID during the time they are at school.

Our Safety Policy Document details compliance with the Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the workplace, Child Protection Policy (POCSO), Code of Conduct for staff and team members, and is managed and overseen by a Safety and Child Protection Committee.