Co-Curricular Programme

Sports at HSEA

Children are introduced to Physical Education from Grade 1. They are exposed to various activities that include running, jumping, catching and other forms of movement. Movement is essential for all round development and facilitates learning, not just for the body, but also for the mind and the emotions. Body and spatial awareness, harmony with the environment, a feeling of wellbeing and fitness are all enhanced through sports, keeping in mind individual interests and abilities.

Head Start has dedicated teachers and facilities for sports. Children take part in sporting activities every day. In addition, they are encouraged to take part in organized games with other schools on a regular basis, intra-league events, our Annual Sports Day and also our Head Start Friendship Games in which the number of participating schools is increasing every year.

We believe that the development of eye-hand coordination and physical fitness awareness can help build a sportsperson for life. When children are given the opportunity to enhance this coordination they develop skills that enable them to play a variety of sports and they can play almost any sport for a good part of their lives. Sporting activities are great levelers, as well as being great companions to life.

The sporting arena is a place to learn how to manage our emotions with grace and accept the outcome on any day. Competition can bring out a side of us that we may not like to look back upon. When we are participating in a group sport or an individual sport with others involved, we face all kinds of situations; we learn to deal with these different exposures. Life will be full of challenges or uncomfortable moments as well as some joyful ones; sporting arenas are great places to learn not only about others but also about oneself.

Children who wish to try out for our school teams participating at an inter-school level, are encouraged to do so. Our selection process to these teams is transparent to all. To be part of a team, a sense of commitment is required as well as a sense of purpose. Those who choose to play just to participate and enjoy a sport may do so, and a lot of opportunity will be provided to them within the school, through our yearly football, basketball, tennis, hockey, handball, table tennis intraleague, Sports Day and other events.

We use our sports events to highlight the spirit of acceptance. We also encourage parents to exhibit the same spirit, as we are working together.

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