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Our goal is to nurture development of the complete person--think conceptually, critique, evaluate ethically, artistically, and be compassionate, responsible, curious, happy, a citizen of the world. Our practices encourage this holistic development.

Travelling Together: Learning begins on the school bus. All our children and faculty travel together and the use of private transportation is not permitted, except under medical conditions. Our students are encouraged to manage themselves on the school buses and use this time to mix with children of different age groups or simply enjoy the journey by reflecting. Journeying together teaches invaluable lessons with regard to courtesy, sharing the ride, being accommodating and looking out for each other.

Quiet time on the bus: After boarding our buses in the morning, we chat and catch up with our friends. Around two kilometres before we reach school, we maintain a ‘quiet time’ to achieve a sense of calm and composure; to prepare ourselves for the day and gather our thoughts. We maintain a period of quiet during our departure from school too, to reflect on all that has happened from the time we arrived in the morning.

Assembly: Our morning assembly is more than just a group gathering before the start of the day. It brings us all together as a community to meditate, sing songs in different languages and share a feeling of togetherness.

Meals at School: If a child can learn to accept one meal a day, they will learn to accept many realities in the future. Eating together and sharing the menu prepared for everyone brings in a valuable community spirit. This meal service is integral to our philosophy and a very important part of the school vision. After lunch, students and faculty/team members wash their own plates.

Music: The importance of music in a child’s development cannot be overstated. Music is as important as language and mathematics, and involves similar areas of the brain. We have a large and enthusiastic music team committed to helping children learn music.

Music at Head Start is for everyone. It fills our corridors on a regular basis. It is a language everyone can understand. Passing by our Music Block, one can hear guitars being strummed, keyboards being played, violins resonating, rhythmic tablas, percussion instruments, and so much more.

Theatre: Theatre is an integral part of learning at Head Start and is about expression in many forms. It is not just about putting up a play, and goes beyond acting or directing. There are many components to consider – an idea, a thought, how to share it. It moves from the idea to the writing of a script, learning how to demonstrate it through words, actions, or various movements. There are children who are thinkers, some are actors, many write beautifully; others enjoy creating the scenic aspects, constructing a stage set, thinking of the lighting or costumes or wondering about the interaction with an audience.

Travel and Learning: Travel and field trips are undertaken regularly, guided by our senior staff. These excursions facilitate learning away from familiar surroundings. In seeing new places and faces children understand the diversity and wonder of the world. Travel is fundamentally a developmental experience and definitely soulful.