Summer Football Camp 2020

It gives us great pleasure to announce a very special summer football camp to be conducted by Elvis J. Goes (International Football Coach & Director of International Football Academy de Portugal) in collaboration with Head Start Educational Academy. Elvis Goes is a certified USSF Professional Soccer License holder and a certified Fitness Trainer. Having started as a […]

Once upon a Head Start Mile

Once upon a Head Start Mile OCTOBER 2014 By Rahul Jain, a parent Dear Head Start, This happened about four years back on one of the Head Start Sports Day events at St John’s Hospital grounds. Sheetal and I were there cheering Tanvi as she participated in her events. It was a charged atmosphere with […]

The Head Start Friendship Games

The Head Start Friendship Games Riad Mahmood 2014/July/02 Why The Head Start Friendship Games? Competition has the power to bring out the worst in us. It can completely take control of our emotions and make us do things we may look back upon and regret. Such is its impact. The journey of a sportsman is […]

Head Start Friendship Games 2014

Head Start Friendship Games 2014 FEBRUARY 2014 A report by Jishnu Kaiwar, Grade 9 I entered the ground at approximately 25 minutes past 7 in the morning. I had already attended 2 previous editions of the Games, both of them completely different from one another. This explained my trepidation as I walked through the gate. […]