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Our Head Start schools are happy, creative spaces. We welcome educators who genuinely love being with young learners and who are open to new ideas and innovation in keeping with the times. As individuals and as a team, we are contributors and collaborators, believing that our community is a subtle yet powerful force that nurtures harmonious growth and development. We have ongoing in-house orientations and training, prompting new learning for new situations and circumstances.

We value and appreciate persons committed to working with children and welcome resumes from enlightened professionals who are in tune with our outlook and philosophy. Both freshers and persons with experience may apply. If you would like to be part of our collaborative community, do share your details via the form below.

Listed below is the talent we are currently looking for:

Position to teach and help manage school IT Services

Teach a subject and help manage IT services including custom development for our group of schools that believe in dynamism, integrity, and passion for excellence.

Head Start Educational Academy, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore and work from home as and when required.
Need: Immediate

Job Description

  1. Administration of Moodle LMS for our schools. Manage and direct other staff members to achieve the following:
    • This includes user account creation and maintenance
    • Course creation and maintenance
    • Manage enrolments into courses,
    • Creation and management of assignments and quizzes, etc.
    • Setup and manage Attendance modules for classes
    • Setup and manage Schedulers for PTA and other school meetings as needed
    • Setup and manage other activities such as forum, database, etc., as needed.
    • End of year course maintenance
    • Beginning of year course maintenance
    • Periodic course backups and archival
    • Uploading of Teachers Content
    • Create course content with inputs from teachers: Research books and internet to come up with appropriate multimedia content pertaining to topics that teachers’ desire for their teaching, for upload to the LMS. This is basically almost doing a teacher’s job in terms of creating course content.
  2. Training Teachers on how to use Moodle LMS
    • Hold periodic training classes for teachers
    • Hold periodic training classes for students
  3. Server maintenance:
    • Server upgrades
    • Snapshots and backups including MYSQL database backup management
    • LAMP stack management including Ubuntu  LTS upgrades
    • CSF firewall
    • CRON jobs
  4. Moodle custom plugin maintenance and development (Requires knowledge of PHP, SQL, and JS)
    • Plugins
    • SQL reports
  5. WordPress Framework maintenance for school websites (Requires knowledge of PHP, SQL, and JS)
    • WordPress Framework Updates
    • WordPress plug-in updates
    • WooCommerce custom plugin code maintenance and upgrades
  6. Google AppScript - The school has several Google AppScripts for auto generation of reports. This requires knowledge of server side JS and understanding of Google AppsScript API.
  7. Manage administration of Google Workspace for Education including:
    • Security
    • Settings
    • User onboarding, deletion, modification, and synchronization using LDAP and Google GCDS client tool.

Total integrity is a must.
Must be able to clearly communicate in spoken and written English.
Must have a patient, supportive and proactive temperament.
Experience with an LMS type environment is a plus.
Experience with LAMP stack on Linux Ubuntu servers.
Knowledge of OOP as well as knowledge or capability to easily pick up PHP/SQL/JS languages.
Must demonstrate willingness to commit to working for this organization for a reasonable length of time (at least 3 years).

Higher Secondary School (ISC and AS/A Level)

Freshers/teachers with experience can apply. This is for the ISC and AS/A Level programmes. English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Economics, Computer Science, Psychology, Sociology, Accounting, Business, Commerce, Art & Design and Physical Education.

Teachers must hold a Masters degree in their field of study. Teachers with a B.Ed preferred for ISC.

Middle and High School (ICSE and IGCSE)

Freshers/teachers with experience can apply for the ICSE and IGCSE programmes. English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Hindi, French, Business Studies, Social Studies, General Science, Physical Education and Art & Design.
Teachers with a B.Ed preferred for ICSE.

Primary/Elementary Programme (Grades 1-3)

Montessori Adults for the 6-9 age group. Teachers with Montessori Diplomas from recognised institutions.

Special Educators with RCI certification

Co-Curricular Programme

Music teachers: Violin, Drums, Guitar, Tabla, Keyboard/Piano and Vocal Trainers for Hindustani Classical/Western.

Sports: Coaches for Table Tennis, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Football and Fitness.

Theatre Artist/Pedagogue

Librarian with B.Lib.Sc

Please share your details via the form below: