Work With Us

We value and appreciate persons committed to working with children and welcome resumes from enlightened professionals who are in tune with our outlook and philosophy. This applies to all areas of development – academics, sports, music, theatre and administration.

  • For our Primary Programme it is necessary that academic team members hold a Montessori Diploma from a recognised institution in addition to a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • From Grade IV upwards teachers must have a Bachelor of Education in addition to a Bachelor’s and/or a Master’s degree.
  • For Grades XI and XII educators with a Master’s Degree may apply.

We are always happy to receive applications from people interested to work with us.
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Primary Montessori, Montessori Adults for the 6-9 age group.
Teachers with Primary Montessori diplomas from recognised institutions or/and candidates who hold the PYP certification.

Primary Montessori, Librarian.
Librarian with a degree in Library Science, good communication skills and computer knowledge.

English Teacher
For Middle and High School with a Bachelors/Masters in English Literature/English Language.

Special Educators with RCI Certification
For Primary, Middle and High School.

Kannada Teacher
For Primary, Middle and High School with a Bachelors/Masters in Kannada.

Keyboard and Guitar.

PE Instructors with Bachelors in Physical Education.

We appreciate candidates who have teaching experience. We are also open to highly skilled people in their field of study who are committed to working with enthusiastic learners.