Grades 1 to 3

Primary Montessori School
Our Primary Programme (Grades 1, 2 and 3) is built on the philosophy and pedagogy of Maria Montessori, which takes into consideration the growing and developmental needs of children of this age group.
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Grades 4 to 8

Integrated Curriculum
The curriculum for Grades 4 to 8 is unique to HSEA with a blend of Montessori philosophy and vital elements from the Boards we are affiliated to. After spending time in the Primary Montessori environment, children are ready to move to a single aged group from Grade 4 onwards.
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Grades 9 & 10

With a strong foundation in learning how to learn, how to apply knowledge, and analyse information and situations, our educators have discussions with each learner and their parents at the end of Grade 8 to decide on an exam board for Grades 9 & 10 (ICSE or IGCSE).
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Grades 11 & 12

ISC and AS & A Levels
Our programmes for Grades 11 & 12 are rigorous ones, providing both challenge and opportunity for in-depth research and study. The focus is not just on preparing for graduating from high school, but on preparing for the future.
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Work With Us

Position to teach and help manage school IT Services

Teach a subject and manage IT services including custom development for our group of schools that believe in dynamism, integrity, and passion for excellence.

Administration of Moodle LMS for our schools, Training Teachers on how to use Moodle LMS, Server maintenance, Moodle custom plugin maintenance and development (Requires knowledge of PHP, SQL, and JS), WordPress Framework maintenance for school websites (Requires knowledge of PHP, SQL, and JS), Google AppScript, Manage administration of Google Workspace for Education.

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Grades 1 & 11: Admissions are open.
Grades 2-9: Admissions are closed. However, parents are welcome to submit a form. Should a vacancy arise, enquiry forms will be reviewed for admission.

Grade 11 trip to Dharamshala

"The Grade 11 excursion was significant to us, since in school, we are all so busy with studies that we don’t get enough time to bond with our batchmates and friends. An excursion is the perfect way to take time off from our school lives and truly enjoy the company of friends and teachers in a completely different environment."


Grade 12 trip to Ladakh

Our Grade 12 graduating class of 2024 did their final school trip together.

"We left with suitcases loaded with warm clothing, and returned with a pit of stories that will be told for years to come. A pit so efficacious, that it will now be the abstract souvenir constantly connecting us no matter where in the world we are."


Head Start Friendship Games Golf Championship 2023

The 9th edition of the Head Start Friendship Games Golf Championship was held on Monday, 04th December 2023 at the Karnataka Golf Association, Bangalore. The 18-hole Stroke Play/Stableford event featured 57 golfers from various schools, competing against each other in five categories.

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Work With Us at HSEA

Our Head Start schools are happy, creative spaces. We welcome educators who genuinely love being with young learners and who are open to new ideas and innovation in keeping with the times. For a complete listing of talent for all Grades, click here

SAT Test Centre

Head Start Educational Academy is a SAT Test Centre. Our School Code is 63291. We also have SSD approval (Students with Disabilities) and a SSD Coordinator to administer tests with accommodations.

Co-Curricular Programme

Along with academic enrichment and a love for knowledge, equal importance is given to co-curricular activities. Part of the school day is devoted to a wide range of opportunity in the areas of sports, music, dance, theatre and other interests such as gardening, waste management, chess, cooking and more. Children can recognise and develop their own strengths through various activities, both inside and outside the classroom.
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