Overview > Our Vision

Our promise is commitment.

It is not about an outcome - it is a process wherein we hope our children will grow and evolve as individuals, in their relationships with themselves, with others, and the environment around them. It is this journey to which we are committed.

Our intention is to give children opportunities to discover their passions and interests. Learning happens at different times and at different levels. The aim is to develop a learning journey that is engaging as well as personal to the learner.

When a process is engaging, the participants are curious and desirous of absorbing as much as possible. This leads to a rigour that can be internalised. The rigour could be in connection with academics, music, sports or theatre, or for that matter anything else, and becomes a positive one.

We are constantly working on ourselves as educators and believe that our pedagogy has developed organically as the school has grown. Our curriculum is unique to our school and we consider our culture to be a value that guides and inspires its progression.

Every activity is curricular and connects, one to the other. Teachers or educators at all the Head Start schools come to believe that working with young people requires a lot more than just the facilitation of a subject; it needs constant self awareness and improvement. To bring a curriculum to life we must truly connect and bond with our children.

Education to us is for life and we need to begin to live that life today. Its manifestations will be visible once a learner is convinced about his or her own understanding of something.

Our expectations of the child are high but consistent, combined with affection and a spirit of nurturing. These are made known at the outset and repeatedly throughout the child’s development. We never compromise on our principles. Our philosophy is our guide, our passion. We do what we do because of this.