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Our campus is situated just outside the city. As you wander through the grounds, a sense of peace pervades you. The building aesthetic evokes a sense of space, air, and light with its broad stone flagged or tiled walkways, bordered by flowering bushes and trees swaying in the breeze.

The theme of space, cleanliness and light continues inside the buildings and classrooms, promoted by high ceilings, clean stone floors, pastel or white walls and large glass windows overlooking the inside and outside of the buildings. The windows enable clear visibility into and out of a classroom.

The grounds consist of plenty of spaces in-between and around the buildings, as also dedicated facilities for sports and areas for music and theatre. Leafy trees and flowering bushes provide canopies of shade and niches for children to enjoy for study and play. The clean and plentiful air, and the large landscaped open spaces promote a feeling of calm, joy, and wellbeing.