College Ready Programme

The overall objective of this programme is to create a personalised approach to help each student recognise and further build on their achievements, support the college application process, and provide a platform where they can freely discuss and find solutions to their roadblocks.

The programme serves three distinct purposes:

  • To help students identify, enhance, and promote their skills, talents and abilities keeping in mind their target college and professional aspirations.
  • To add value to their applications which will in turn help them gain admission to a college of their choice.
  • To support essay writing for college applications, which will include:
    • Brainstorming and conceptualising personal essays, written statements, and supplemental essays with students
    • An iterative process of effective and constructive feedback on ideas, execution, and language
    • Discussing and practising techniques of effective communication with alumni, teachers, and professors. This includes:
      • Mock alumni interviews to build confidence and verbal skills
      • Email, networking, and communication etiquette and skills

Age Group
Students from Grade 10 onwards. Certain aspects of the programme specifically tailored to college admissions (essay editing, mock alumni interviews) are most effective for Grades 11 and 12.

Each student is mentored individually. Keeping in mind their already busy schedules, these sessions are on a voluntary basis and each student is free to avail of them if they feel they need to. Over the course of a few sessions each student’s plus points, achievements and goals are identified and worked on and these can then be incorporated into their resume.

Essay writing is fully supported in terms of ideating, reading, and necessary editing.

Effective communication and successful networking are the key to professional development. Students who are informed about their options are able to take advantage of early opportunities such as college fairs or student outreach programmes. Teaching students these tools at an early age and helping them to reach out to valuable resources, not only helps their college application process but will also help in their professional lives later.

Ultimately, the aim of our College Ready programme is to empower students to navigate the college application process with confidence, setting them up for a successful and fulfilling higher education experience.