Theatre at Head Start is about expression in many forms. It is so much more than just putting up a play and goes beyond acting or directing. There are many components to consider – an idea, a thought, how to share it. It moves from the idea to the writing of a script, learning how to demonstrate it through words, actions, or various movements. There are children who are thinkers, some are actors, many write beautifully; others enjoy creating the scenic aspects, constructing a stage set, thinking of the lighting or costumes or wondering about the interaction with an audience.

Children are encouraged to write their own plays or create a theme around which they wish to work. It is the ‘process’ that is important, and bringing it all together as a group, makes it meaningful and worthwhile.

Our theatre facilitators are actors themselves, and have worked on different components of theatre. They enjoy sharing their dramatic experiences with our children and in turn, help them to develop theirs.

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