Art & Design 2023-24

This past year our Art emphasised both individual and collaborative expression, acknowledging the significance of personal stories while embracing the shared experiences within our community. Our exercises emphasised not only learning technical skills but also the development of contextual understanding and visual thinking.

Our learners were encouraged to explore a variety of art mediums, fostering a spirit of experimentation and discovery. Through lively discussions like VTS and critical evaluations, they delved into diverse topics, honing their ability to communicate ideas visually and conceptually. Field visits to museums and art exhibitions provided first hand exposure to actual artworks, enriching the understanding of artistic practices and cultural contexts.

While skill-building is paramount, we also prioritised the cultivation of joy and fun in the artistic process. Exercises focused to inspire curiosity and enthusiasm, encouraging students to find delight in their creative endeavours. By fostering a supportive and engaging environment, students felt empowered to develop their unique voices and forge meaningful connections with the world around them.

Any topic of the exercise began with firsthand references that align with personal interests and drawing inspiration from relevant artists' works. Students then embarked on a process of exploration and experimentation with mediums that suited their ideas. Copying an artist's work aided students in understanding the medium and techniques employed, while recreating artworks encouraged critical thinking and deeper engagement with the creative process.

For example, in a Grade 5 art exercise, learners were immersed in their surroundings and encouraged to connect with the idea of Nature by walking around the campus and collecting natural objects such as leaves and twigs. These objects served as inspiration for further exploration of forms and textures using clay and drawing mediums. Students then used these natural references to recreate the works of renowned artists such as Frida Kahlo, Rohini Devasher, and Sonia Mehra Chawla, fostering a deeper understanding with nature and its wonderful characteristics. Similar approaches extended to Board classes for Grades 9 to 12, where students engaged with both self-selected and Board-assigned topics.

This year, the culmination of Grade 4 and 5 learning took the form of an exhibition titled "Extraordinary Explorers". The exhibition served as an extension of classroom learning, offering a fresh perspective through creative presentation. It aimed to cultivate a sense of community by showcasing individual expressions that contribute to a collective narrative.

The exhibition encompassed a variety of themes, with a central focus on the students' surroundings and environment. Artwork delved into explorations of Nature's Wonders, Sound Drawing, Self-Portraiture, Environmental Consciousness, Object Studies, Personal Journeys, and concepts of Development, both abstract and tangible. This immersive experience inspired students to employ their critical thinking skills and engage directly with the audience as they presented their work.