SriToni: An integrated online system

All schools belonging to Head Start Educational Trust use a comprehensive set of integrated, sophisticated, and specialized online tools, for purposes of administration, learning, and communication called SriToni. Following admission, all students as well as staff, will have accounts opened on this system.

The system has advanced capabilities, for example:

  • Access to learning materials anytime, anywhere
  • Consistent content delivery and feedback
  • A secure, organised, eLearning environment
  • Capable of fully online or blended learning approaches
  • Collaborative learning
  • Advanced assessment systems including STACK the world-leading open-source (GPL) automatic assessment system for mathematics, science and related disciplines

Google G-Suite Education account

Every student and staff member will get a Google G-Suite for Education account using the domain upon joining the school.

  • Remember this account carefully! If you lose access to your Google Account you won’t be able to login to SriToni and won’t receive any school communications.
  • Write your password down in a safe place or better still use a free password manager such as LastPass.
  • Login to your Google and SriToni accounts as soon as possible after receiving your welcome email.
  • These account details will be sent to the primary email ID on the application. During 1st time login, the Google password will need to be reset. Strong password requirements will have to be followed. Please follow instructions sent in this email.
  • The parent/legal guardian is required to accept the Google account use terms and conditions for use by the son/daughter. The admission form will also have detailed terms and conditions for use of this account as part of the overall terms and conditions to be accepted before admission.

SriToni user accounts

All new students and staff members will get user accounts on SriToni. The student and staff accounts will use the email ID of the Head Start issued Google account. This is called the registered email ID of a SriToni account.

The SriToni system allows only one account per user, the student account (Parents DO NOT get separate user accounts).

The SriToni student account allows only a single email ID to be registered - the Head Start issued email ID - this will be the principal channel of email communication from the school to the student/parent for all communications. Up to the time that the student is able to and or required to access the account for their learning, parents shall operate the child student’s account. After this point both student and parent(s) shall access the same account for learning and communication. Students and parents can also get notifications from school to be pushed to their smartphones by using a mobile app available on Android and IOS app stores. Multiple smartphones can get push messages from a single student account and so is the recommended way for parents to get notifications. If parents have more than one child in the school, they can get notifications from all their children’s student accounts through this Moodle Mobile App.

Login to SriToni using Google

New Users are required to login to SriToni using their Google account:

  • Goto
  • Click on the Google button on the login screen
  • You will be taken to the Google’s authentication site
  • After authentication by Google, the user will be logged in

This is called Single-Sign-On (SSO) using Google authentication and is very helpful since you really don’t need to remember your SriToni account details. On the 1st time you do this, you will be asked to link your SriToni and Google accounts, just follow the procedure indicated to link the accounts (see below).

SriToni Account Login: Forgot password?

If you forget your (Google) password, DO NOT use the forget password link on the login form - use the Google password recovery procedure by clicking on forgot password on the Google Account page.

If you are still unable to recover your password, as a last resort, contact school administration at to reset your Google account password. Please do this sparingly and as an absolute last resort! Misuse of this facility will not be tolerated. You are expected to manage your Google account properly.


If all methods for login fail then as a last resort, please contact the administration at the email shown on the SriToni login screen and provide detailed error messages and screenshots if any, to help in resolving your issues. DO NOT contact anyone else in the organization.

Linking Google and SriToni accounts for SSO

As mentioned elsewhere, on 1st time login to SriToni using Google, SriToni will send you a link to your Google Gmail. You need to click on that link to complete the linking process. The link is valid only for a short period of time (10 minutes or so). If you delay, the link will expire and you need to restart the link process all over again.