Rajasthan & Agra: Class VI Excursion. Nov 06

Rajasthan & Agra: Class VI Excursion
by Riad Mahmood
Subject: Rajasthan
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2013 10:21:55 +0530

Dear Parents,

Sometimes it is a wonder how much of a child's education takes place outside the boundaries of a school. Education to me has always been more than just literacy. In short every exposure is a part of our education.

One tends to forget the importance of that first school trip! It is an opportunity to gain a sense of independence. An opportunity to make a choice or an opportunity to make a decision and stand by it. You are forced to make a choice on your own. Then live by it. This is truly an under rated thought considering life will be all about it very soon. Excursions present perfect pickings.

The children were, as expected, very, very excited to board that flight. They were talkative through it. Some played games while some chatted away in small groups. A few chose to reflect or quite simply enjoy the cruise at forty thousand or so feet high. Like our experience over the last few years testing times do unfold in a day or two into the trip. However, well worth waiting for!! So parents please don't worry and just take it as it comes. How you react or respond to your children's thoughts when you do get to speak to them does play a big role in the way they will manage themselves on the trip in the days ahead.

Show you care but show you have complete faith in the way they handle themselves and encourage them. This could be your biggest gift for the week ahead. What I really like about this bunch is that they have some great dynamics amongst themselves and are such a fine bunch of young people that it is a pleasure working with them. I love talking to them and cracking jokes. Some tend to be taken by surprise! Most of all I like being myself and encourage the teachers to do the same. Being yourself to me is the best way to bond with them.

Handling situations in front of them and also showing your reactions in their presence gives them an opportunity to observe things. This also makes them think if they would have done it differently or not. The idea is to help them see our wonderful country, to eat what is served with no choice, to wake up early and co-exist with a group of people. To understand each other's fears and joys and to learn to accept what comes your way. Having said this, it all happens with so much fun and excitement. Almost the days we tend to miss later in life.

Acceptance of what life throws at you is a virtue all happy people possess. We have seen these children grow. It has been such a wonderful experience. Each child is unique and so different that it makes me feel inspired to make education more about learning than a compliance. Learning on the road is such a great way to do it. It makes you feel alive.

Our aircraft banked left and began its final descent into the Pink City. The children were truly ecstatic at the sight of the lights. We were blessed with a beautiful landing. Much to the delight of some of the children there was a woman First Officer. They thanked her as they left the aircraft and left her with a big smile on her face. The joys children bring!!

The ride in the bus to the hotel was interesting as the children were asking some interesting questions such as "Is Diwali more celebrated here as every house has lights?" Our tour guide from last year, Raju Guide, greeted us with a lot of warmth.

Today we will spend some time relaxing and enjoy a nice dinner. Thank you friends!

See you soon.

Riad Mahmood
Founder, Head Start Educational Academy

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