Primary Montessori School (Grades 1 to 3)

The academic programme we follow from the First to Third Grade is based on the Montessori way of learning. Montessori believed that education must encompass social and emotional development alongside academic development. The connectivity in learning is ever present. Children are grouped vertically age wise 6 to 9, in an environment. Putting learners of different ages together facilitates helping and learning from each other as well as providing for a real life social surrounding.
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Middle & High School (Grades IV to X, Grades XI and XII)

With a strong interest in learning and discovery based on the Montessori concept of Cosmic Education during the Primary years, our children are ready for further research and learning during the Middle and High school period.
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Grades 11 and 12 - AS & A Levels and ISC

Head Start Educational Academy has developed a three pronged pedagogical approach to enable young minds to enjoy the journey of being a learner in the present and to be prepared for the future.
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Co-Curricular Programme

Along with academic enrichment and a love for knowledge, equal importance is given to co-curricular activities. Part of the school day is devoted to a wide range of opportunity in the areas of sport, music, dance, theatre and other interests such as gardening, waste management, chess, cooking and more. Children can recognise and develop their own strengths through various activities, both inside and outside the classroom.
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