Our Community

Campus Philosophy: Sharing a campus brings about a community spirit. Learning to keep this community harmonious involves respect for all individuals concerned, the environment and the shared facilities.

We truly believe that learning begins on the school bus and not only after arriving at school. All our children and faculty travel together and the use of private transportation not permitted, except under medical conditions. Our students are encouraged to manage themselves in the school buses and may use this time to mix with children of different age groups or simply enjoy the journey by reflecting. Journeying together teaches invaluable lessons with regard to courtesy, sharing the ride, being accommodating and looking out for each other.

Meals at School. Eating together
If a child can learn to accept one meal a day, he/she will learn to accept many realities in the future. Eating together and sharing the menu prepared for everyone brings in a valuable community spirit.

The Primary children are given a small snack on arrival. Students of Standard IV and above are given a glass of chocolate milk after the first period.

All students, faculty and team members are given a hot freshly cooked vegetarian lunch and are not permitted to carry food from home. They are encouraged to graciously eat the meal served and not offer any resistance to it.

This meal service is integral to our philosophy and a very important part of the school vision. After lunch students and faculty/team members wash their own plates.

Prior to departure from school all our students and team members are served a freshly made snack. No outside snacks are permitted in school or on the buses.

NOTE: If a child has medical/dietary restrictions the same can be discussed with our Co-Ordinators.

Our school uniforms are designed to be functional and can be used for all purposes and activities in school. The uniforms are of different colours and offer options that are explained when they are issued.

If a child is unwell and unable to take part in his/her usual school activities, please do not send him/her to school. Recovery is usually quicker at home and infection of other children and adults at school can be avoided. The school is not equipped to take care of sick children on a long term basis.

If a child becomes unwell after coming to school, he/she will be attended to in the infirmary by the school nurse until someone from home can pick him/her up. The school must be able to reach a parent at any time during the course of the day. Parents are requested to keep their child’s Information Form up to date and inform our office immediately if there is any change in address, telephone or mobile numbers.

Parent/Teacher Interaction
We greatly value meaningful interaction with our parents. While we organise specific times for such communication twice a year, parents are welcome to ask questions or discuss anything concerning their child/children when or if the need arises. However, we request you to make an appointment so that we can be available at the time you come. Just as parents may request a meeting, the school may schedule additional meetings if necessary.

Please call our Communication Officers/Office whenever your child will not be attending school. In case of long absences kindly send a letter accordingly, addressed to the Principal. We do get concerned if we don’t see children for a protracted period of time and would like to be informed about their well-being. Regular attendance is extremely important for a child’s development. Although every child works at his/her own pace, consistency is a key factor. Irregular attendance affects the child’s routine and comfort levels at school.

Class Placement
Keeping in mind group dynamics, needs and interaction all decisions regarding class placements rest with the school. The individual child’s emotional, social and academic development, learning style and temperament are considered. In some instances, circumstances may require the Principal and academic team to plan a schedule for a particular child which is different to the usual routine. This would be discussed with the parents in relation to the individual child and planned accordingly.

Child/Staff Privacy
Head Start will keep personal information confidential, respecting the privacy of each child and his/her family. The school will not give out phone numbers or addresses of families. Similarly we greatly value the privacy of our staff. The office will not give out their personal phone numbers or addresses.

Other Information
All school books are provided by the school and parents need not purchase or provide for these unless asked to do so, for example in the exam classes.