Head Start Educational Academy is run and managed by the Head Start Educational Trust. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the financial management of the school and takes all policy and financial decisions. Decisions regarding the educational programme are made by the Principal in consultation with the Academic Co-Ordinators and the Managing Trustee.

Our Founder and Managing Trustee

Meeting Riad is always a refreshing and revitalising interactive experience. His philosophy is not a contrived statement in printed format but genuine and heartfelt. He believes in it, sticks to it and shares it with one and all. No wonder we feel it!

Riad thinks of himself as a student privileged to continue learning about life. He believes that education is all about the exposures a school puts you through; not worrying particularly about an outcome but making sure the process is right. Believing that we have embarked on a journey called living and that we will experience many interesting situations and circumstances, he says:

‘Education is about different relationships! One of them is the relationship with learning.’

He is very passionate about his thoughts and has the ability to help people, both young and old, discover themselves. We hear him saying:

‘Don’t worry about what others are doing – just focus on what you believe in.’

Riad has an endearing sense of humour but is also a stickler for perfection and attention to detail. The high standards he has set for the school challenge one and all. He is always around working with team members, reaching out to children and trying to reinvent himself. This can be infectious, but it is an infection worth catching!

Our Director

Samina Mahmood has always loved learning and teaching. She began working with young people in her early twenties.

In 1984 Samina founded Head Start Montessori House of Children. Many of her students remember sitting on her lap while waiting to be picked up. She continues to bring the much needed simplicity to today’s high tech world. Samina just enjoys being with children and is the inspiration behind the Head Start Dream.

After leading Head Start Montessori House of Children for thirty years she now enjoys teaching young learners English language and literature. Interacting with children brings her joy and she feels she is the person she wants to be when working with them. A passionate Montessorian, she continues to mentor our teachers and team members. Her doors are open to all at Head Start.

Samina is the soul who makes us feel humble. Her calm demeanour and the way she has lived and continues to live is an example to all at Head Start; an understated educator who works purely for the love of it. Her courage and honesty are assets we value and most definitely inspire our Head Start group.