Grades 11 and 12

We offer both the AS and A Levels (Cambridge Assessment International Education) and the ISC (Indian School Certificate).


Being educators, we are aware that our young students are part of a unique historical moment, when the speed of change is greater than ever before. The number of ideas, images and possibilities that are present in front of them today, were never manifest in such a concrete way in the history of learning. Today’s students are stepping into a world that will change and ask for adaptation at a much more rapid rate than it asked of any generation before them and most importantly, the classical divisions of subjects is already redundant in the real world as education and its application are becoming increasingly interdisciplinary and inter-conceptual. We understand that the scientists of tomorrow will need to weigh the social implications of their science and the sociologists and economists will need substantial mathematical skills to derive their theories and practices. Very rarely has there been such a potent time for ‘ideas’ to be nurtured at a global scale.

Especially in India, we are at a moment when our students will have to straddle two worlds simultaneously. They will need to belong in the world of state of the art research and practice in some of the leading universities, nationally and internationally, and at the same time always keep in mind that another part of their world is that of the dispossessed, the poor and the scientifically and socially under nurtured. They will need to understand and prepare themselves fundamentally to be positive enablers in the world, people who cannot only participate in the possibilities in front of them but also make an impact in those areas where their privilege of education can be of greatest value.

Head Start Educational Academy, aims its 11th and 12th programme for those students, families and teachers who are looking forward to this dual challenge of learning at the highest standards and being able to apply this learning towards not only the greatest heights but also towards the greater common good.  Our students, our teachers and hence our pedagogical process is aimed at making learning holistic, interdisciplinary and research oriented. It is one that demands immensely from the modern mind and expects it to be creative and alive to knowledge at all points of time.


Head Start Educational Academy has developed a three-pronged pedagogical approach to enable young minds to enjoy the journey of being learners in the present and to be prepared for the future.

The three pillars are the Classroom, The Enrichment Programme and Mentoring.

The Classroom is the first place of learning. We at Head Start have faculty who are at the forefront of their subjects and have a strong background in their respective fields at Master’s and Doctorate levels from some of the finest universities in the country. Our faculty comprises of research scholars, ex corporate employees, distinguished lecturers and most importantly educators, and not just teachers.  The standard of teaching in our classrooms is at par with any university programme that would offer these subjects at a higher grade.

Head Start Educational Academy’s 11th and 12th programme expects AS and A level students to put in several hours of work in each subject per month outside of the classroom to be able to participate in the classroom programme.

In all subjects the school provides the books and exemplary library facilities with access to online journals when required. The school also provides support to students who are preparing for different competitive examinations in a systematic manner. The teachers make the journey from the11th Standard to the university together with the student, by making the classroom continuously challenging and providing a path that enables the student to achieve their post 12th Standard goals. Our classrooms are comfortable, well lit, and conducive to learning.

Enrichment Programme
The Enrichment Programme provides a strong interdisciplinary and research focus to our programme. Students are given time to prepare for an interdisciplinary research topic to be presented in a seminar every week. The teachers in their own classes refer to the seminar topic through the lens of their specialization to be able to expose students to the possibilities of tackling a given problem in many ways.

The seminar is then presented to a common audience of Science, Humanities and Commerce Students to enable debate, discussion and learning through an intellectual exchange of ideas across disciplines.

The idea of individual genius is long over. In today’s time, every researcher, learner, worker, works in large groups and teams, and thus needs to have substantial skills in working across disciplines and with experts from different fields of study. The Enrichment Programme encourages interdisciplinary teamwork between students and faculty.

The teachers themselves annually work on research topics for which they form teams of students as research associates. The Research associates visit many research facilities and have access to literature on the present research in their field of study.

Each student at Head Start Educational Academy’s 11th and 12th Programme is assigned a mentor.  A mentor is often a leading practitioner or scholar in his/her field.  The mentor visits the student monthly and the student also has access to the mentor at other times to be able to share his/her challenges, goals, doubts and achievements.

The Mentor provides support in areas pertaining to applications to universities, new areas of learning, academic growth and the general wellbeing of the student in the programme.

Learning vs. Getting through
An 11th and 12th Programme is often the shortest programme in a school; shortest, but one of the most crucial. However, it is often believed that it’s a bridge programme in order to ‘get through’ to some university or college rather than being a place of learning itself.

At Head Start we settle the issue here itself. We are confident that students will ‘get through’ what is best for them. We are confident that between joining the programme and completing it, the intellectual growth of the child will make ‘getting through’ much easier than it normally would.

However, our goal is not only to provide problem-solving skills; our aim is to create learners who can get through in whatever they want and not what others want them to get through in.

Our students, right from selection to completion of the programme are deemed to be active thinkers and not passive receivers of degrees and marks cards. The competition is with them.

Head Start Educational Academy has faculty from leading universities with some of the most competitive examinations. They are aware of the criterion for colleges and universities both nationally and internationally and it is only thus that we believe that our students can do more than getting through. They can get through and make the getting through worth it.

The Local and the Global 
Our Educational philosophy takes on the responsibility of exposing our students to the best practices and ideas both globally and locally. It is as important for a student to have access to the development of a subject in any part of the world as it is to understand a local know how, knowledge system, or art. Through our classroom teaching, enrichment and mentoring, students will be exposed to films, visits and guest lectures from both local cultures and global cultures of science, humanities and industry.

The subjects on offer at present are English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, History, Accounting, Psychology, Sociology, Art and Design, Computer Science and Business. Students are required to take a minimum of four subjects along with English.

Admissions may be offered on the basis of the Grade Ten predictive scores.
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