Admission Policies

Enrolment  Continuation of Enrolment  Fees

The first step is an interaction between interested parents and us. We also like to interact independently with the children applying. This enables us to understand their interests, their uniqueness and learning styles. Admissions are finalised by the Managing Trustee and/or Principal.

Once admission has been approved, the admission fee and fees for the year must be received by the school to finalise the enrolment.

Continuation of Enrolment
Vacancies in each grade are identified in the last term of the Academic Year for the coming Academic Year. Parents, whose children will not be continuing for the next Academic Year starting in June, must inform the school by the previous February. Similarly, applications for Transfer Certificates must be submitted by February and will be issued by the last day of the Academic Year.

Fees are required to be paid for the whole Academic Year in advance, on or before the due date given. Parents are requested to keep in mind that the place for their child is reserved for the entire year and not a part of it. Therefore, if circumstances require them to leave/relocate, the amount paid will not be refunded.

Should a parent/parents experience financial difficulties they may address a letter to the Managing Trustee and request for payment in two instalments. They are requested to submit their payment arrangements/dates in writing.